It is really useful and easy to use for students. I like it very much. As I said before I have fears about using technology. After this course I think that I can use technology if I want. I hope ı will use the technology more actively in the future…



Both of them are  certainly nice and useful. Storynory includes many fairtales, stories which can be used for elemantary level. When students use these programmes, they not also learn but also amuse. And it motivate them to learn.  I can also use them in the future for my own students.


Hot potatoes are really hot and useful.To my mind,it is the most useful programme which I have learned  so far in this course. I think that I will use it in the future.It makes life easy for the tecahers when they prepare an exam or quiz for their students.It gives us  oppurtunities to use the technology effectly. I must be honest about  this course.I am learning the technology thanks to this course. Briefl, I like it….


I am in trouble with technology and  every small parts of it. I am glad to learn new information in every monday, but l cannot use technology effectively whatever I do.I have tried to get a delicious account for three days, but I cannot get yet… It is easy to get a account for my friends, so I think that the problem is me.. I do not know that how can I express myself honestly about this problem ?